What to expect when dating a biker

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What to expect when dating a biker - Free Online

Wearing green socks instead of white can save your life when in combat.made every year that still use bikers to represent the bad ass. Stone Cold - the movie - really portrayed bikers in a bad light.

Home Opening Statement MC Club Basics MC / RC Differences Protocol Basics Hang Around Prospect Club Organization1% Bylaws Example Words from a Patchholder #1Words from a Patchholder #2Words from a Patchholder #3History of MC Clubs Clubs and Tribalism AMA and 1%Brother Motorcycle Clubs General Info of Interest Starting an MCWhy the control over new clubs How we started our RCHow we started our MCMCs and the Harley MC Misconceptions Terminology Traditions Motorcycle Ministries Submit Your Club US Defenders Program Confederation of Clubs Co CABATE Listings NCOM AIM BBBKnow Your Rights Links Of Interest Bikers for Bear Butte This Site in a Foreign Language Guestbook Got Questions?Help with this web site / Contact Info It's been brought to my attention there are people trying to start their own clubs after reading this web site.I guess the several times it's referenced wasn't simple enough for some people. If you decide to start your own club, MC or otherwise, you MUST contact the local Lead MC Club and discuss it with them. There is a few, VERY FEW, places that do not requires this, but the only way is to contact them.It is generally seen as poor taste to decide to start your own club.Basically, it tells them that you are trying to avoid paying your dues and avoid the learning of what they mean by respect, because there are already enough clubs in existence where you could be taught and bond with an existing brotherhood.Besides the fact that there does need to be some controls on who's running around sporting backpatches and calling themselves an MC, the established clubs know what the situation is with other clubs and former clubs. It happens to look a lot like a another club's that has caused a lot of problems in the past.

If you think the procedures are bad now, immagine if the government controlled clubs. You are wearing that into an are where other clubs mistake it for the troublemaking club and ........... The MC community, despite the actions of some, does not want any more problems that may reflect on them that others may cause.

To do this, they keep some controls on who flys colors and wants to be sure they understand the different protocols involved.

of information, it's basic information and doesn't cover many things that do not need to be known by the general public.

Someone starting a new club will be schooled in these more in depth protocols.

As a former military, I learned they had a certain way of doing things that while in the beginning you may not have understood and thought it was stupid, as you progressed in your time in, these stupid things slowly came to make more and more sense.

Something as simple as keeping your pants tucked into your boots seemed a bit silly at first, but, later you found there actually was a good reason for it.

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