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Local law enforcement agencies, under statutes defining the type and extent of notice allowed, may also notify their communities about the presence of designated registered sex offenders in their area. Penal Code § 290 requires mandatory registration as a sex offender for persons convicted of the sex offenses listed in that section (Pen. Even if the offense is not listed in section 290, the person may be ordered by a court to register as a sex offender if the criminal offense committed was sexually motivated (Pen. Section 290 applies automatically to the enumerated specified offenses, and imposes on each person convicted a lifelong obligation to register.This is done only when an offender poses a risk to the public (Pen. The registrant must appear in person to register with the police department of the city in which he or she resides, or with the sheriff's department if he or she resides in an unincorporated area or city which has no police department.

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Registration is with the law enforcement agency in whose jurisdiction the transient is physically present on that 30th day (Pen. In addition, the person must also register with the local law enforcement having jurisdiction over his or her residence (Pen. Registration of Sex Offenders Who Come to School or Work in California.California Penal Code § 290.46, specifies posting categories of registered sex offenders for purposes of disclosure on the Megan's Law Internet web site. EXCLUDED CATEGORY Finally, certain offenders can apply to be excluded from the Internet site. Code § 243.4(a)), or a misdemeanor annoy/molest children (Pen. Code §§ 311.3, 311.4, 311.10, or 311.11), where the victim was at least 16 years or older.HOME ADDRESS CATEGORY The conviction of certain sex offenses requires that the home address of the offender be posted, along with other information about the registrant. Code § 647.6.), exclusion must be granted if there is no other registrable offense, or a felony child pornography (Pen. Offenders who successfully complete probation for an offense in which the victim was their child, stepchild, sibling, or grandchild, and which did not involve either oral copulation or penetration of the victim, may also be granted exclusion. CONDITIONAL HOME ADDRESS CATEGORY The conviction of designated sex offenses, along with the conviction of any other registrable sex offense, requires that the home address be posted, along with other information about the registrant (Pen. Offenders in the undisclosed category must still register as sex offenders with local law enforcement agencies, and are known to law enforcement. ZIP CODE CATEGORY Commission of certain other sex offenses requires that information about the offender, including his or her ZIP Code and other information, but not including the home address, be posted on the web site (Pen. These are registrants who have been convicted of sex offenses not listed in the above three categories.Students and employees who reside out of state but go to school or work in California must register as sex offenders here if they are required to register in their state of residence (Pen. An employee is defined as a person who is employed in California on a full or part-time basis, with or without compensation, for more than 14 days, or for an aggregate period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year.

A student is defined as a person who is registered in an educational institution, as defined in Education Code section 22129, on a full or part-time basis.

The student/employee must register in the jurisdiction where he or she attends school or is employed. Registrants with residence addresses must notify the last registering agency in writing within five working days of moving, and must re-register in person if the move is to a new jurisdiction (Pen. If a move makes a person homeless, he or she must register as a transient within 5 working days of leaving the residence address (Pen. Transients, who re-register no less than every 30 days, need not re-register upon changing their location unless to a destination outside the state, in which case the transient must give written notification of his move to the law enforcement agency in whose jurisdiction he or she was physically present before leaving the state, within five working days of leaving. If a sex offender was convicted in another jurisdiction including out-of-state, federal, or military court, he or she is very likely to be required to register in California, and should register in accordance with the sex offender registration law, within five working days of moving to California. There are various criminal penalties that apply to persons who fail to comply with the sex offender registration requirements.

UNDISCLOSED CATEGORY There is a category of registered sex offenders that may not be displayed on the Internet site.

Beginning January 1, 2012, exclusion cannot be granted unless the person’s risk level is low or moderate-low.

Offenders in this category must also register as a sex offender with a local law enforcement agency.

SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATOR A person who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense against one or more victims and who has a diagnosed mental disorder that makes the person a danger to the health and safety of others in that it is likely that he or she will engage in sexually violent criminal behavior.

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