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A key part of divorce recovery is being alone while you heal and process what the bleep just happened.In the early stages, you may feel lonely as you confront being without your partner and perhaps lose some friends in the process. Aloneness looks like choosing to stay in on a Friday instead of going out. Aloneness includes going to a few dinner parties and being the only un-coupled person and not feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

When you have reached this place, you are ready to go out in the dating world because you don’t NEED a partner; rather, you are open to meeting one. The ashes of your marriage are something you need to sift through and clean up yourself.People (mostly women because they don’t tend to re-enter the dating pool as quickly) ask me how you know if you are ready to date following divorce.With Valentine’s Day coming up, it seems a good time to talk about this.There are more, but here are five basic signs of date-readiness.One of the very worst reasons to date is loneliness. No one is in a good place when a relationship ends, so there is a tendency to quench your emotional thirst and assuage the pain by looking for someone else as soon as possible.That is part of the recovery process – grieving the old, adapting to the present before finally creating a new life.

When you can not only handle your life, but are actually satisfied with it, you are ready to date.

The feeling of confidence you gain as your own resilience is revealed is something you project and others feel it too.

Hoping that you can avoid dealing with it by bouncing into a new relationship leads to another failed relationship.

Life after divorce is messy for a while as you attempt to adapt internally to the enormity of all the external changes.

Social, emotional and financial changes collide and can leave you feeling like the wind has been knocked out of you.

If you haven’t spent some time feeling really lousy on your own, you aren’t ready to date.

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