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While we would always recommend that you use a personal counsellor or life coach offering a service tailored to your individual needs, or that you take professional medical advice, you may also find the following information useful as a first step to finding a solution to your problems.

When contacting organisations you should note that telephone lines may not be open 24/7 and it is probably best to call between 10 am and 4pm on weekdays whenever possible.In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland other numbers and websites may also apply but the ones shown will usually furnish a way into the service you want.To save space we do not include postal addresses as these are usually available on the website.We list these organisations in good faith but this should not be taken as a recommendation of any particular service provider, and we can take no responsibility for the advice given or content of the site.Further details are usually available from your local council, Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Doctor, Occupational Health Department at your workplace, National Health Service, Yellow Pages, Public Library, Faith organisation, etc.0800056578 and for Birth Ties 08008402020 Avoiding scams - For advice and help with all kinds of Scams, junk and threatening mail, pyramid selling, lotteries/competitions, foreign money offers, work-from-home schemes, dating offers, too-good-to-be-true investment, miracle cures, identity theft, etc.

Consumer direct 08454040506 Age Concern 0800009966 and for Wales02920413555 The Centre for Intergenerational Practice - Charity promoting social change through intergenerational cooperation - Links to Directory of supporting organisations see Farming and Rural below Addiction Network ADFAM families, drugs and alcohol 02079288898 Alcoholics Anonymous 08457697555 Al-Anon Family Groups help those affected by other's drinking helping those with drink or drug problems Princess Royal Trust for Carers 02074807788 08009178282 Al-con - support for friends and family of alcoholics 02074030888 Alcohol Concern 02074889213 Drink aware UK Drug Rehab: Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment, Therapy, Counselling and US Drug and Alcohol Rehab Helpline 8 Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline 08006335588 Wrecked - NHS site providing basic advice for teenagers.

alcohol calculator uk/Tools/Pages/recommended safe limit 12 Step Treatment also Babies, and Co-dependency below.

Below you will find a host of useful numbers and web addresses Tel : 01691 682 124 E-mail : [email protected] : Child Abduction below -see pregnancy and sex below (see also Domestic Violence & Abductions below) Action on elder abuse 08088088141 Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse National Association of People Abused in Childhood Breaking Free.

- support for women survivors of child sexual abuse 02086483500 MOSAC supporting non-abusing parents of sexually abused children helpline 08009801958 Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre 01686629114 (24 hrs.) perpetrator program and safe houses.

Internet Watch Foundation to report illegal and abuse on sites MALE Men's advice line and enquiries 08450646800 Association for People Abused in Childhood 08000853330 National Voice - dealing with abuse Women's Aid 08457023468 Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre 08451221331 Refuge service for wmen/children experiencing domestic violence.

24 hour helpline 08705995443 Rights of Women Sexual Violence Legal Advice Line 02072518887 Stopitnow 08081000900 Survive Abuse Counselling 01270253179 for those affected by male sexual abuse 8451221201 also the Tulip group and Stop it Now below Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse If you suspect someone may be abusing a child call in complete confidence Stopitnow above or National Child Protection helpline below Hiding your computer records from abusers - Helpline for women experiencing physical, emotional and sexual Violence 080820000247 or 08457023468 for handbook - see separate entries too e.g. Action on Addiction 08451264130 Addiction Network - Extensive information on alcoholism and other addictions Addicted to prescribed mind altering drugs 01519320102 Tranquilizer withdrawal First Steps to Freedom 08451202916 free from addictions Drug Rehab: Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment, Therapy, Counselling and US Drug and Alcohol Rehab Helpline 8 Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline 08006335588 British Agencies for Adoption & Fostering 02075932000 British Association for Adoption and Fostering 0207421260011 After Adoption - Help, support and advice for parents, relatives and children facing concerns around and post adoption.

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