Attachment dating style

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Secure participants reported feeling disappointed/discouraged or curious/interested.

When participants were asked what was most important in a potential partner, all participants desired a potential partner who was affectionate/loving/caring/attentive.In terms of contact with potential partners, anxious participants were most likely to report wanting phone contact before an in-person date, and avoidant participants were most likely to report wanting to exchange phone numbers without mention of further communication.In terms of emotional experience while on their site(s), anxious participants reported feeling nervous/anxious, longing/anticipation/desperate, frustrated/annoyed/angry, or sad/depressed.Avoidant participants reported feeling excited or bored/nothing/apathetic.Abstract: There is a lack of research on the effect of attachment style on romantic partner preferences within the context of online dating.This study explored how attachment style could affect partner seeking in online dating; specifically in terms of partner preference, including one's fantasy of an ideal romantic partner, online dating behaviors, and the emotional experience of online dating.

Participants included 175 individuals between the ages of 23–33 who were currently seeking long-term relationships via online dating.

They were administered an online survey that included a demographic questionnaire, a questionnaire assessing attachment style, and a questionnaire assessing experiences in online dating.

Results indicated that attachment style did not affect how likely one was to participate in online dating.

Participants with secure and anxious attachment styles were more likely to initiate a message to a potential partner, and participants with a secure attachment were the most likely to communicate with a potential partner who was very involved in work or other obligations.

This supported research that partner preferences were based on the likelihood of creating a secure attachment.

Participants with an anxious attachment described a desire for potential partners who were emotionally stable, trustworthy/faithful/committed, and affectionate/loving/caring/attentive.

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